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Kevin D. -Houston TX

“Where do I begin? If I had not found National PDL Relief to consolidate my payday loan debts my bank account would still be in the red from overdraft charges. Seriously, every week I had a lender debiting my account and I couldn’t keep a paycheck to save my life. Once I joined their program I didn’t have to worry about that anymore because they were able to stop the lenders from debiting my bank account. My paycheck actually stayed in the account so I could access my money before anyone else took it. I can’t thank you guys enough for all your help and support through such a tough financial time.”

Elizabeth H. -Sioux City, IA

 “Getting help with my payday loans was the best choice I have made in years! The choice was even easier with you guys. National PDL Relief made me feel comfortable and confident that the nightmare of my payday loans could be resolved quickly and easily. I signed up for a 12-month program for $102.92 and that was a fraction of the $700 something I was paying to all my payday lenders combined. Having that extra money allowed me to focus on what truly mattered and needed to be addressed. Your company did a great job in following through and helping me. Thank you!” 

Susan D. -Ozark, MO

“Hi there, I just wanted to drop you a quick email and thank you for all your help. Getting rid of my payday loan debt has made my living situation much easier and stress free. I wish I would have found your company sooner but better late than never I guess. Keep up the good work, you truly are helping people such as myself and giving us the relief we so deeply need. Thanks again!" 

Rodney P. -Knoxville, TN

“National PDL Relief has proven to be reliable and dependable when it comes to consolidating and payday loan help. Myself and my wife were able to knock out 7 lenders total in 18 months with their help. I have since recommended them to friends and family in need of real payday loan help and a sound way to consolidate payday loans. We are finally getting things back to normal down here and it’s a great feeling to have again. Big thanks to National PDL Relief and their staff.”

Nancy L. -Jackson, MS

“Dealing with payday lenders can be a pain in the you know what. Getting help from National PDL Relief was just the answer I was looking for. First and foremost, they got the annoying collection phone calls to stop, oh my gosh what a relief that was. Not to mention the EFT Revocations they sent to my lenders got them out of my bank account almost immediately. I had an issue with one that debited my account after I was enrolled but I called National PDL Relief and they helped me dispute the transaction and got every penny back for me. They showed me I didn’t have to been a victim to payday loan lenders any longer and they had the solution for me. I hope I never have to consolidate again but if I do I will be calling National PDL Relief. Thanks, you guys, you’re the best.


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