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Our team of negotiators set up two essential elements to make our programs easy and efficient for all those in need of payday loan relief. The motivation to eliminate payday loan debt and ability to do so. With such programs our customers make one easy manageable payment instead of paying 2, 4, 6, possibly 10 lenders at a time. This easy manageable payment will certainly always be significantly lower than the amount you are currently paying to your payday lenders. Sometimes as much as 80% lower! Our goal is to get all your lenders consolidated and relieve the burden of several separate payments being made on your behalf. We have established relationships with many of the major lending institutions and work on your behalf to ensure you get the best deal you can to resolve your debts in a fast and efficient manner. 

Get the Results You Deserve

National PDL Relief will provide a tailored program to eliminate your payday loan debt and provide the payday loan debt relief you deserve. Below you will also see some of the many benefits our payday loan consolidation program offers you:

Consolidate payday loans into one easy manageable payment

Eliminate payday loan debt with payday loan debt consolidation and it's easy to manage programs

Get out of debt with 6-24 months of enrollment

Negotiate and enter repayment agreements directly with your payday loan lenders

Stop creditor collection calls and eliminate your stress

We use a limited power of attorney and notice of assignment that takes us from being a 3rd party to standing side by side with you to get rid of payday loan debt

Avoid possible bankruptcy and legal escalation

Easily manage your budget


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